Why Trump Happened

This election has been a shit-show from the start with two of the least favorable candidates in recent US history. It is almost too easy to see why Trump won. I find it mind blowing that the mainstream media (MSM) and the DNC are beside themselves when they themselves created this whole thing to begin with.

  • Beginning with Trump’s announcement to run, his anti-Mexico rant garnered way too much pressed then it deserved. The MSM gave Trump a platform for the sake of ratings. With each subsequent gaffe, tirade and tweet, the MSM were reporting what was happening on social-media like a bunch of immature children; getting into the he said she said – oh no you didn’t- drama, again giving Trump a platform.
  • CNN has earned the pejorative of the “Clinton New Network.” Clinton was the favored candidate on CNN. CNN couldn’t fap faster to a Clinton run. The narrative floated was that it “was Hillary’s turn” to be president, by those affiliated with the Obama administration. CNN never challenged this idea and reported it as destiny. As we witnessed, you have to be elected to be president, it’s not an “earned” position. This narrative is so obnoxious that it is repelling even if you are a fan of the candidate.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS), the DNC chair, was busy disenfranchising Bernie voters, which is always a good thing to do TO YOUR OWN PARTY!!! Obviously this caused issues. More importantly the Hillary camp remained blissfully unaware of the anti-establishment sentiment in the air which DWS’s actions seemed to confirm that the establishment was shutting out Bernie Sanders. So in a sense, the DNC rigged the democratic party’s primary in favor of Clinton.
  • Donna Brazile, the latest DNC chair, very likely gave debate questions to the Hillary camp. How many breaks does Clinton need to win? The establishment wisdom could not have been more wrong and aggravated the situation with each violation of the sanctity of elections and voting.
  • HuffingtonPost has to be the worst news source in existence. They had Clinton’s chance of winning at 98%+ and gave shit to Nate Silver for readjusting the poll numbers down. I suppose deluding oneself is a good thing?! I have removed the app from my phone and will never take them seriously again.
  • The Latino vote is a myth (I am Latino, I know too many Latinos who do not vote) and the Black vote (either through suppression or lack of a desire to vote) is exaggerated, CNN projected huge surge in Florida etc… that turned out to be incorrect.

On a side note, indirect reasons for this election is a reaction (real or perceived) to:

  • Identity politics that have abused people’s patience. For example, in NY, there are now 30+ pronouns that have been legislated into existence for trans people
  • The Black Lives Matter movement chanting for dead cops while the MSM refuses to show it, reinforcing the MSM’s bias.
  • The ridiculous Mizzou riots, the Yale snowflakes on Halloween
  • Third wave feminists opting for protests instead of dialogue (ie male suicide rate, custody and unequal prison sentencing)
  • Syrian refugees/Islamic values incompatibility with the west
  • National sovereignty
  • Immigration

If the DNC has taught me anything is that they’ll fail to see an issue with themselves and start blaming third parties, Bernie supporters, the pollsters, Comey, etc…

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