Slogans and Encouragements

Here are some slogans and encouragements that have helped me with my OCD. A lot of these slogans are from my OCA group so I can’t take credit for all of these. Some are general and others are directed at the scrupulous.

  • HALTT – If Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired or Thirsty it is easier to trigger OCD symptoms and anxiety.
  • Feelings aren’t facts!
  • Thoughts are thoughts.
  • Thoughts are not actions.
  • Thoughts are not “dangerous.”
  • Thoughts do not automatically become beliefs.
  • There are no unthinkable thoughts.
  • Try to reduce fusion with thoughts in general; minimize thought-action-fusion (TAF).
  • List what you are fortunate to have whether it be family, friends, work, treatments etc… Being thankful is a better attitude to have than believing one is a victim.
  • Always remember that OCD is an anxiety disorder. It is a cultural, genetic and psychological disorder all at once.
  • If it feels like OCD, it probably is.
  • You are a good person despite what OCD says.
  • It’s not me, it’s my OCD.
  • Habituation is your friend. Be patient and give yourself time for the body to desensitize to one’s anxiety. (especially when doing ERP homework)
  • Intrusive thoughts do not “mean” anything.
  • Words are words.
  • Words are not actions.
  • Words are not “dangerous” in and of themselves.
  • There are no unspeakable words.
  • Take it easy, one day at a time.
  • By the yard it is hard, by the inch it’s a cinch.
  • Blossom where you are planted
  • Humans are fallible. *Perfection is not attainable nor desirable
  • Perfection* is the direction, Progress is the goal. (make sure you understand slogan above)
  • Always keep in the forefront of your mind that: OCD is an anxiety disorder in which unwanted intrusive thoughts are
    1. Given importance
    2. Overvalued
    3. Perceived as dangerous
    4. One feels Overly Responsible
  • From Brainlock
    1. Relabel – recognize obsessive thoughts and compulsive urges
    2. Reattribute – understand that OCD is a brain disorder and that this is how it manifests itself. “It’s not me, it’s my OCD!”
    3. Refocus – Shift your attention away from your thoughts by engaging in a task, hobby or something pleasurable. Do not engage in your obsessions or compulsions.
    4. Revalue – You develop wisdom regarding your condition and understand your OCD is not a reflection of oneself.  With experience, you develop an “impartial spectator.” You know longer judge yourself by your OCD.

For the Scrupulous

  • For atheists and agnostics: If there is a God, God understands OCD.
  • For theists: God understand OCD.
  • For atheists and agnostics: If God is rational, God would not likely judge its creation in a human way or punish its creation for an eternity.
  • For theists: It’s not my place to pass divine judgement on me.

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