Metzitzah B’Peh

This is one of those practices I find horrific and disgusting. A Metzitzah B’Peh is a practice common to ultra-orthodox/Haredi and Hasidic Jews. 

I’m not a fan of fundamentalism of any stripe whether Jewish, Christian, Islamic or whatever. I find their beliefs tread well into the foolish and idiotic. Well here I will give examples of what I find idiotic regarding Haredi/Hasidic beliefs as well as some unsavory behaviors.

While circumcision is common in America, The practice of Metzitzah B’Peh (MBP) is basically religiously institutionalized sexual assault. In MBP, the mohel, puts his mouth on the babies genitals and sucks out the blood from the recently made wound to the penis. To say this is barbaric, is putting it mildly.  Here are some points that are usually brought up to defend this practice.

The ultra-orthodox movement is an aberration. There never was a time when Judaism was practiced the way the ultra-orthodox do. The movement is simply reactionary like most fundamentalist religions are. To an outsider who lives by a rather large population of ultra-orthodox Jews, this form of Judaism has yielded unsavory behaviors and interactions.

Lest I be accused of antisemitism, I myself am married to a Jewish woman. I have no problem with attending services at the synagogue. I put a yarmulke on during holy days out of respect to my wife and her family. I’ll eat some Matzoh during Passover even though I’m on a paleolithic diet. I appreciate the calligraphy of the Torah and of Hebrew in general. I also don’t hate anyone who is ultra-orthodox. You can believe anything you wish. It’s your life and your right to believe. And I would also like to clarify that not all ultra-orthodox are on state aid or spit on people or have an obnoxious zealotry, but it would be a mistake to not see that there is a sizable membership of the community that is causing friction with others. But back to the topic, MBP and its spread of disease such as Herpes needs to change significantly. There is no reason to give a child an illness as soon as they are born. It doesn’t make sense. It is beyond outdated.

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