Friends of The Scrupulous Atheist

  • I highly recommend visiting Jackie’s site Light’s All Around. She is a great writer and she is a Christian. I can understand the apprehension of taking spiritual advice from someone who doesn’t share your view (i.e. me). So if you are Christian and suffering from religious OCD I highly recommend her site. I also reference her site because we had/have the same theme of OCD and I find that quite fascinating. My ERP homework assignments are virtually identical so I share a lot of the same experiences as she does.
  • When I look up in the dictionary for cool, I see Alison Dotson. She has a great book on OCD (Being Me with OCD). She is a very compassionate person and very easy to interact with.
  • To those who are atheist and suffer from OCD, My OCD Diary has helped me tremendously. She has a youtube channel which she uploads a topic and discusses it. She bears her soul and I thank her for it. She, along with Jackie inspired me to start this blog.
  • If you are in the UK, you can find a counselor through the Counseling Directory

4 responses to “Friends of The Scrupulous Atheist”

  1. Jackie Lea Sommers says :

    Thanks so much for the link, TSA! I love very much that we can be friends and united against OCD even if we hold different beliefs. I appreciate your blog and you!

  2. Jackie Lea Sommers says :

    Linking to your blog in an upcoming post of mine. I hope you get some traffic from it!

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