August Ames RIP

RIP August Ames

August Ames was best known as a pornstar, but she suffered from mental illness. She suffered from bipolar depression and other illnesses. From the looks of it, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the twitter episode where she made a remark about who she would and wouldn’t work with and let her fellow porn actors know why she wasn’t performing. Pornstars tell their agents what they will and won’t do on camera and with whom. This should be uncontroversial. The LGBT community, I believe, cares about its ideology more than actual people. I thought she explained her position rather well. She wants to limit the vectors for STDs as much as one can in a sex industry. Unfortunately, despite her clarifications that she wasn’t a homophobe didn’t convince them. As someone who was suffering from mental illness, the twitter debacle threatened loss of income and reputation in her industry, even if only perceived to be. It would be incorrect to blame this completely on the twitter debacle. However, it is a reasonable inference that the harassment she experienced brought on an episode of depression. The fact that she killed herself in a public park indicates that she still wanted to live as she wanted/needed to be saved from herself. So what is the takeaway from this?

  • If you are psychologically fragile, or in a fragile state, do not use social media. This is a case where making one’s life simpler can really help. The internet is a free-for-all and trolls exist as a matter of policy.
  • If you need to be in the public eye, minimize your social media footprint. If you are controversial in your opinions use an anonymous account, but be cognizant of the fact that you are anonymous to protect yourself – not be a dick on the internet. Leave that to the professional trolls.
  • Understand that trolls will be trolls. It’s what they do. Don’t feed the trolls! They are trying to get a rise out of you.
  • Have a network of support for stressful times. Whether family, friends or support groups use these to rely on when the demons of mental illness rear their head. Have the suicide hotline at your ready if you have/are experiencing suicidal ideation.
  • Contact your therapist! I would add that CBT therapists are the way to go. Avoid the psychoanalysis type unless you are working out some type of existential problem. CBT therapists offer superior coping skills for those with mental illness that is biological in origin, in my opinion. I know this to be true for OCD and anxiety disorders and for depression.
  • Never apologize to the Social Justice retards (even if they have a point; they usually don’t and their ideology is about power and control over what you think and do; their ideology is toxicity masking as benevolence)! You gain nothing and they will never accept it anyway. If someone you respect is offended then make it right with them and if they don’t accept it, chalk it up to a lesson learned, but relegate alphabet soup representatives and “Social Justice Warriors” to the troll category. Don’t feed them, just block them.
  • These things do eventually blow over and cooler heads will eventually point out the stupidity in the generalizations about you. Be patient.

Please note that I have no words for SJWs as they do not value human life, just the categories humans belong to. SJWs tend to be beyond redemption and lack empathy even when clearly wrong.

Rest in peace August Ames.


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