I am an immigrant. My parents came here legally and became naturalized citizens. The process of naturalization is very interesting. The applicant learns has to learn some English, understand some basics on how the constitution works and then are sworn in as citizens at a ceremony. I attended the ceremony when I was very young and looking back on it I am able to reflect on the judges words. The judge expressed pride in the fact that he was American and can count on us to follow in the tradition of America. As you can tell, I consider myself American despite my ethnic background. I have a reasonable command of the English language and am now a business owner who participates in elections and politics wherever I can. I consider myself a “Classical Liberal.” I disavow progressive regressive politics as I believe it to be divisive.

Immigration needs to be controlled and immigrants need to assimilate. The immigration crisis in Europe is sparking conversation worldwide. The progressive camp tends to mislabel the problem as merely racism. So for starters, I do not care what color the majority is as long as minority rights are preserved….not special right, but equal rights to all. I want the right to due process, the right to speak my mind, the right not to believe in sky fairies etc… In other words, I want to live my life as I see fit within the context of the larger society. The majority may “hate” my “identity,” but as long as I’m not persecuted we’re OK. This is the problem as I see it.

Uncontrolled immigration presents problems to the poor who are already at their breaking point. Many of those are themselves immigrants who are legally naturalized citizens. This should be obvious. If you are not selecting for the type of labor, an influx of any population will dilute the bargaining power of the unskilled. Since many of the economies within Europe have a naturally high unemployment rate because of the success of their welfare state, you will stress the welfare and health system to the point of unsustainability.

Uncontrolled immigration will disturb social cohesion. Most language is unspoken and has cultural underpinnings.  If two cultures can’t communicate properly, it stands to reason, that there will be suspicion, friction and offense. This can be mitigated by providing resources to those coming in and helping them understand the laws and values of the countries they wish to emigrate to.

I think religion is pointless, but I would conclude that it is easier to integrate someones with the same religious background as the population at large vs a distinct religion (same goes for those that already believe in free speech, capitalism, democracy). The problem with the migrants coming to Europe is that the differences are too wide to breach. The issue with Muslim migrants is that they claim special rights based on their religion. I could care less about what shade of brown, who they pray to, or their dresscode etc… Muslims have to integrate and understand that they are on foreign soil and respect the inhabitants of their host nation. They should strive to learn the language and strive to uphold the nations values and laws. They should also expect equal treatment. It is not equal if one can criticize atheists, but not Muslims, Christians, Orthodox Jews or Scientologists. Everyone must be open to criticism and mockery of their beliefs/non-beliefs/political opinions etc… Muslims are not special! They are humans just like everyone else. I happen to believe Allah is fake and that Mohammed was an evil person, but so what! What I think will not bar you from living your life as a Muslim. If Muslim immigration simply meant more falafel stands, kebab shops, hijabs, and Arabic words in store windows, I wouldn’t care. My concern is one of “the tyranny of the few.” We do not live in an aristocracy where different sets of laws apply to different classes of people. Since Europe is having problems we should take steps to make sure we aren’t met with the same fate. Unfortunately, what I see on the horizon is that right-wing fascism will rise again in Europe if they don’t address the populaces concerns. People want to live in security and when given the choice between freedom and security, most choose security and end up with neither.

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