Why the Hijab is a Symbol of Oppression

Before starting this post. I need to state up front that it is your right wear what you want to wear. I truly could care less. 

The hijab has been touted as an empowering or even a feminist symbol. I couldn’t disagree with this more. The idea that the Hijab is a symbol of freedom either grossly redefines freedom or is a flat-out lie.

Women wear the hijab and other coverings because they are obligated to, in some cases, by law. Iran and Saudi Arabia both punish women with legal action and punitive measures if women do not cover themselves. The Taliban goes even further requiring the burqa to be used. To me, compulsory clothing does not equal freedom. Family members often pressure women to wear the hijab with threats of violence.

The video above is in Canada, how prevalent is this attitude in primarily Muslim countries?

These videos are not hard to find.

Women wear the hijab, or so some claim, for modesty. This is ridiculous in the extreme. While I understand that Islam requires modesty in clothing etc… Wearing the hijab in the west is nothing more than showboating your religion. It’s a very infantile attempt to present oneself as “holy” or “sacred.” More importantly, it betrays an arrogance that one is so attractive that they must cover themselves or be sexually objectified, necessarily. One can easily be modest without looking like a fool.

Now I understand that some women do not wish to be sexually objectified or bring unwanted attention to oneself. In the west, hijabis stick out like a sore thumb painted in blinking LED yellow lights with an air horn in the background. When wearing the niqab or burqa, you actually look like a thief or criminal, mainly because thieves and criminals have traditionally covered their face in the same way Muslim women do. It’s a standoff-ish look that becomes an even bigger problem than one realizes

I think the video shows that Muslim women who don the Hijab are sending a very large “DO NOT DISTURB” signal.

I know that Karim is a Muslim. I like some of his videos, but I think he is mistaken about the relationship between misogyny and Islam. Note, that in the video, she even looks like she has no self-respect and seems to act like a battered woman. Whether this is unconscious or not, the Hijab makes you look trapped, not liberated and others seem to think the same as well. She looks like she has given up her autonomy; It’s out of place and honestly dumb at this point. Maybe this made sense in 700AD, but it looks anachronistic, fanatically over-conservative, stand-offish and ignorant.

The hijab is the Confederate flag of Islam. It’s time to get rid of it.

4 responses to “Why the Hijab is a Symbol of Oppression”

  1. Hanouma Wala says :

    In fact, the hijab has next to nothing to do with Islam. It has no basis in the religion. It is a relatively recent invention that aims to promote the political agenda of extremist religion. There is a recent book that lays this bare, along with lots of other stuff. Too bad the author uses an alias (looks like it) and cannot be contacted. Here it is anyway:

  2. The Scrupulous Atheist says :

    I’m also not a feminist

  3. The Scrupulous Atheist says :

    I find your analysis incorrect and dishonest. I quote women who are forced to wear the hijab. I’m also hispanic, not that it should matter, but I know you are participating in the oppression Olympics.

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