Islam does not make one more moral

In the past, I’ve written about pedophile priests. In this post I want to focus on sexual immorality in Islam. (Heads up, this post contains disturbing information)

It’s no secret that if one follows Islam strictly, one would be extremely sexually repressed. So much so, that unhealthy sexual attitudes are too common to be coincidental. In the Islamic world, pederasty is alive and well.

In Afghanistan prostitution is illegal and women wear burqas. The sexual impulse is so extremely perverted that there is a phenomenon in Afghanistan that the following is considered “cultural.” Known as “bacha bazi,” these¬†“dancing boys” are used for all sorts of entertainment, including sex. We are talking about young kids (11-15). These children are preyed upon by their financial situation. The poorer you are the likelier you are to be targeted to become one of these dancing boys. The irony is that this is seen as cultural and “in line” with Islam, although the cognitive dissonance is there.

In Pakistan, again, prostitution is illegal and women are covered up. In the documentary “Pakistan’s Hidden Shame,” Pakistani culture is rife with child abuse on a massive scale. Ninety five percent of bus and van drivers have had sex with children. This number should give anyone pause. The estimates are 90% of street children have been abused (17% overall). The situation seems to be getting worse. Of those abused, 10% are killed according to a study referenced in the film.

In both countries, women are viewed as objects “to be kept at home.” The lack of interaction with women and the unhealthy view of sex have created these “social norms” that we in the west find vile and disgraceful (or at least, I find it horrifying).

In Iran, there are orgies¬†and in Saudi Arabia human sex trafficking is a reality, but that will likely get its own post. So what does one make of all this? Being Muslim doesn’t make one any more sexually moral and may be hindrance to a healthy sexual attitude. One could bring up the sexual immorality of Mohammed (the founder of Islam), but that would be too extensive to document here.

One response to “Islam does not make one more moral”

  1. Toby Jax says :

    Well said. So many who would be quick to condemn the pedophile priests would also soft-peddle the horrible Muslim practices you mention with their last breath, because the latter impulse is considered a virtuous recognition of “diversity” and third-world cultures. I can’t tell you how many discussions I’ve had with normally rational people who give me the insipid, “Christianity is just as big a problem, because … abortion clinic bombings, and … the Crusades.” It’s truly maddening, because one has to ignore an avalanche of daily evidence to maintain such a vapid denial of reality.

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