Katelyn Nicole Davis

Suicide, Abuse and Depression content follows as related to the above mentioned person.

As some of you may know, a young girl named Katelyn Nicole Davis committed suicide by hanging on Live.me on December 30th. She was 12 years old. I first learned of the incident through Tommy Sotomayor‘s youtube channel. This story is heart breaking as it shows that even with the resources available to all of us, sometimes it isn’t enough.

Mr. Gunk’s videos are a must see.

The mother of this child, Tammy Michelle Rogers, seems to be addicted to drugs or a horrible person (or both). In the second video mentioned above, there is recorded evidence of Katelyn and her mom fighting. The fight references to an incident revolving around her mom’s (ex)boyfriend Anthony Lee Rogers. Katelyn claims that Anthony abused her.

My stepfather did a lot of things to me, that it seems I cannot forgive him for. He physically, mentally, and verbally abused me. He struck me with his leather belt that has silver studs, making sure that the studs hit me. He once hit me so hard with the belt on my arm, that my arm started to bleed. He even… He tried to rape me.  


Katelyn wrote a blog called “Diary of a Broken Doll.” Aside from the alleged abuse, as mentioned, she took her life on a live stream. The actual video is pretty graphic. The issue surrounds whether or not the suicide video should remain on the internet. I tend to agree with Tommy Sotomayor that she broadcast the video because she wanted it to be seen. She seemed to have tried to reach out but to no avail. She also had a boyfriend (Luke Callahan) who seems much much older than her (19). She was into self-mutilation via cutting.

All of the risk factors for suicide were present. Assuming the allegations are true; She suffered all forms of abuse, had depression, no family support and was being taken advantage of by the adults in her life. She was responsible for rearing her siblings. It appears she may have tried to reach out as she was taking an anti-depressant (Prozac if not mistaken), assuming a doctor prescribed it, it would be nice to know how that conversation went. The constant theme in many of her videos is that she was “tired.” It seems she became tired of living. In the suicide video, she fights the instinct to reach for her throat at first. It didn’t look like she second guessed her decision. She was judge, jury and executioner of herself and her life.

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