Are atheists angry at God? Part 2

Leaving off my in-eloquent first part I shall continue to muddle through the misconception that atheists are “angry at God.” In the first part we discussed how emotions are part of the process of logic from a psychological point of view. In this post I wish to get to the heart of the matter and address objections that some have. To put it simply: Atheists are not angry at god(s)! There could have been a phase where one is angry at God during a deconversion event, but, for the most part, atheists are as angry at God as presented in the bible as they are for Sauron having forged the one ring. Atheists come in all manner of certainties. I myself identify as an agnostic atheist or weak atheist. This translates to a lack of belief in God and am open either way to the disproof or proof of god(s). I don’t have a conceptual problem with there being a god, I just don’t know if they exist or not and therefore do not have a belief in one. I reject theism. I’m ok with pantheism and less so with deism. Until I’m shown otherwise I have no reason to believe in an interceding god(s). From what I’ve learned about the world a personal intercessory god(s) does not compute.

So where does the emotion of atheists towards Yahweh in particular come from? Now I can only speak for myself, but part of it has to do with the moral bankruptcy on the part Abrahamic religions I came to realize. At one point I believed in the bible and made excuses for Yahweh and Jesus. I had a dog in that race. Looking back on it I feel shame. In many ways I lived my life according to capricious rules instead of principles and values. In Christian terms it would be the same shame one feels for having served Satan if said person converted to Christianity. Atheists may experience any of the following:

  • Feelings of betrayal from friends and family who participated in one’s indoctrination.
  • Feelings of disgust at the bibles morality and that others subscribe to them
  • Religious Trauma Syndrome
  • The teachings on Hell

Atheists aren’t cursing God because they do not believe he exists. Many are responding to the after effects of religious indoctrination. The teachings on hell, in particular, are extremely troubling to me. Even though there isn’t any evidence of a hell, the doctrine is pure and simple, an appeal to fear. Unfortunately because of my OCD I don’t tolerate uncertainty well. If the threat of hell never existed my OCD would not be religiously themed. Note that I’m no longer afraid of God or Hell, just its possibility.  Unfortunately the high price of being wrong disturbs my peace of mind, such is OCD…

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