Christianity as Death Cult

To my Christian friends and family I mean no disrespect, but just an observation I wish to share:

Stop Accusing Us Wiccans of Ritual Murder

I wish to buttress this article I found on The Huffington Post.

If this were the dark ages, I could excuse the officer’s conclusion, but it isn’t the dark ages and this officer has little excuse. Witchcraft, as seen through Christian theology, does not exist. Wiccans do not use broomsticks to fly, and do not, as far as I know, believe in sacrificing a living creature to a deity to curry favor.

Of the Wiccans I know and writings I’ve read, they seem to have a a pro-environment outlook as many engage in nature worship. The notion of magic varies between many covens and adherents as to what magic entails. Many do not believe they are violating the laws of nature, but want to express a wish or attain “balance.” Others believe in some paranormal aspect of magic that is no different than believing that such magic can materialize a desired outcome, good or bad: not unlike prayer. If pressed, I share the pantheistic outlook that many Wiccans put forth, but stop at believing in magic, prayer, afterlife or the supernatural.

I find it more than a little ironic that a sheriff would conclude that a crime scene to be the work of Wiccans than the work of immoral people. Christianity has its roots in Judaism which believes in animal sacrifice and human sacrifice (very early in Judaism’s history).Christianity is a cult of human sacrifice. Jesus’ execution, the cross, which is a torture device, and the martyr ideal would be some easy examples to point to. Generally speaking, Wiccans believe sacrificing living creatures to their deities is anathema to their beliefs.

While many Christians decry persecution, many are ostracized or killed by the accusation of witchcraft. Wiccans in this country are viewed with unjustified suspicion. When Andrea Yates drowned her kids, Christians disavowed such actions yet there is precedent; The Abraham and Isaac story. No such story exists in Wiccan literature that I’m aware of. Yet, is it really so strange to think that God would test the faith of his followers in the same way assuming the Christian worldview? What if Andrea Yates was right? Now I don’t believe that, but it wouldn’t have been the first time God killed or ordered people to kill, at least according to the “Good Book.” This conclusion by the sheriff is nothing more than projection. Not all people believe in ritual sacrifice as a means of “salvation” or to acquire a desired outcome. I would ask Christians to test their assumptions about people they don’t know or understand and not jump to conclusions. It’s too easy to vilify that which we do not understand

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