Fear of Hell

This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. I would have linked to it directly or asked for this gentleman’s permission to re-post this, but he has cancelled his website. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the thought of Hell can be a very disturbing idea which I admit sometimes affects me. This guy not only nails it home in regards to my point of view, he shows an example of ERP that he used (even though he may not be aware of it) to help rid his anxiety of hell. Anyway enjoy.

I got over my fear of Hell by doing exactly the opposite of what most people would do: I read as much about Hell as I could.

I was halfway through Dante’s Inferno when I stopped shuddering and started giggling. The more you read about what people think Hell is, the more hilarious it becomes.

Think about it: It’s a place with a bunch of different levels where you will burn forever while being issued certain specific punishments. The torture and fire will never ever ever ever end ever. Why? Because you trusted the Earth, which God created, to look as if God created it. When the evidence taken from the Earth shows that God didn’t create it, God burns you for ever and ever and ever.

It’s as if George hands you a globe and tell you, “It only took me 6 days to make this.” Then, when you look at the bottom of the globe, you find a price tag from JCPenney. You peel that off to find the words, “Made in Taiwan,” engraved over Antarctica. When you start cutting into the globe for core samples, you see it is made out of materials George doesn’t have. The arm that the globe is held on is engraved on the bottom, “Made exclusively for JCPenney by Globe Manufacturers LLC.” The next day, you confront George about this evidence and George douses you with petrol and lights you on fire.

The fact that anyone can believe that story, and, not only believe it, but call it a, “wonderful, beautiful truth,” is freaking hysterical!

Posted: December 27th 2009″


Reed Braden


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