CES Update

As I mentioned in my last post, I was waiting to receive my cranial electro-stimulation (CES) device. I received it Saturday and have used every day thus far (total of 3 days) and I wanted to share my initial thoughts. One lesson learned was if you feel nauseas CES doesn’t help. I had a bag in which some perfume had spilled and it made me dizzy. I seem to be sensitive to smells and such. So when I used the CES device it made my nausea a little worse, but that seems to me to be a reasonable expectation.

The idea of running a current through my noodle, even though I know there are virtually no risks, is a little unsettling to me. So I get a bit apprehensive when I use it, but my curiosity gets the better of me and I work up the courage to use it. I definitely feel something, it is a positive feeling. I’m not quite sure, but I get the impression it relaxes tension in my neck and jaw. My sleep is a little bit deeper ( I don’t quite remember my dreams) of which my SSRI would have me usually having some intense dreams) The effects seem to come on after about a half hour or so. I can only describe it as “less tension” in my head despite my anticipatory worries as stated before. It also seems to do something to my head in terms of headaches. I suffer from headaches quite a bit and it feels like I’ve done something to “numb/deactivate” the area that is normally responsible for my headaches.

That’s it so far. I’ll keep you guys updated. Once I get the novelty and apprehension out of my system I will keep a log of my anxiety levels as well as quality of sleep. Anything related to OCD I’ll gladly pass along.


2 responses to “CES Update”

  1. Herb says :

    What is the price of this gadget?

    • The Scrupulous Atheist says :

      It’s $795 and it’s called alpha-stim AID. I just want to say that ERP is the gold standard for treating OCD, and this unit is not meant as a replacement or to be used in lieu of ERP treatment. I’m just an online guinea pig and reporting what it does.

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