On Robin Williams

As many of you out there, I’m saddened by Robin Williams’ death. Depression is a serious and real condition that people don’t just snap out of. Having gone through depression, I can only describe it as a skewed view about oneself and the world that arches towards despair. In a sense, it is the belief that things can never improve, that one is trapped in an interminably serious and bad situation. It’s very easy to conclude that suicide is the only option to ease one’s mental anguish.

With that said, I turn to the issue of the online Christian response. There are a few people who have made the claim that Robin Williams is in hell right now. I don’t understand how someone can believe that when one is at the lowest point in life, God is there to grind you to dust and kick you when you’re down…. for an eternity no less. It would seem that some flavors of Christianity atrophy the ability to know or feel compassion. It’s quite shocking really. Take for example the creationsciencestudy blog.

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Robin Williams is burning in Hell as we speak? That’s right boys and girls. Robin Williams is being tormented by Satan and the demons forever. Robin Williams was one of Satan’s favorite servants, and his sinful ways punched his ticket to Hell. How do I know? Everybody who commits suicide goes to Hell. I know this to be true because the Holy Spirit confirmed it to me in prayer tonight.  Not only that, but Williams’ whole life was lived on the highway to Hell…..

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the Holy Spirit actually confers with this tool. So, the Holy Spirit couldn’t convince Robin Williams to not commit suicide? He apparently has the time to tell the fools at the creationsciencestudy blog where Robin Williams is, but not help a person who is of the mind to kill oneself. Right….makes perfect sense. How exactly did this “confirmation” process occur? Did he hear voices? or did he play emotional Ouija and concluded the answer based on warm fuzzies? I would urge you to read the post. He seems to be quite happy at the thought of others’ suffering in hell. I find it very hard to believe that any heaven would include any of these maggot-hearted hypocrites. Robin Williams was a human being. Many of the people who interacted with him tell of his humility and of his sharp wit. Delighting in the suffering of others only shows how psycopathic you and your beliefs are.

As an update. I’ve been reading the creationsciencestudy blog and have come to the conclusion that it is an attempt at parody. They apparently reference atheist satirists as legitimately “True Christians” which always reminds me of The Landover Baptist Church or Betty Bowers.


One response to “On Robin Williams”

  1. Bryan Willson says :

    Robin Williams was a very charitable person. I find so many Christians are filled with hate. If there were a heaven, wouldn’t it count for something how charitable a person is? Would a god be so uncompassionate about somebody’s depression? If there were a heaven and hell, I think Robin Williams would be much more deserving of heaven than the Christian who posted that blog.

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