Catholics Behold your Church

Note: Please don’t read this if you are easily upset as it may have triggers for those who are sensitive. If you are Catholic, the following will be a bit rough to read and I ask that you understand that this is my opinion only and not meant as a personal attack on anyone specifically. While I’m an ex-Catholic, I do not consider myself anti-Catholic, but you will likely find what I have to say offensive. I also may curse in this post and I rarely do so in writing. If you wish to leave this site immediately you can go to Disney, or youtube at the links provided.

St. Louis Archbishop Robert J. Carlson didn’t know until fairly recently that having sex with a child is a crime. He also doesn’t remember when he was taught as a priest when it was not OK to have sex with children. After reading a good portion of the transcript, the Archbishop has very poor memory. The Archdiocese released a statement that the media has been taking the snippet above out of context and has resulted in impugning “Archbishop Carlson’s good name and reputation.”

This is an Archbishop. not some newly ordained priest or some layman. I suspect he is lying or covering up something. While he is not accused himself of child rape, He was responsible in some way of meting out justice for victims. Either way this answer poses a very pertinent question. At what point does a member’s support of an organization, whose morality is totally anathema to society at large, bear some responsibility? If child rape is not a known crime to some members who hold high office in the Catholic church then I would assume anyone who is Catholic has some soul-searching to do. At what point does the Roman Catholic church become a defacto NAMBLA affiliate. Words are cheap and any moral pronouncements by this man and, to some degree, the organization aren’t worth a damn. In not coming out with the truth, he may have secured some short-term gain (minimizing lawsuit claims), but lost the credibility a “holy” man should have, in theory. South Park’s “the Catholic Boat” has now become documentary. Catholics, behold the church. Can you answer honestly and say that the church is force for good or a force for evil in this world?

If you don’t know that ass raping children is a crime or is bad (as a priest – not even as a layman), then there is something truly wrong with you.  How many more priests “don’t know?” This has now entered clearly into criminal enterprise territory. As an ex-Catholic, I did not regret leaving the church. As an atheist, I do not regret being opposed to a group of criminally active perverts who have the audacity to claim high moral ground while bathing in money, allowing the Magdalene laundries, discarding dead bodies of children in a septic tank, all the while being balls deep in a child’s ass and shrouding themselves in holiness. This is fucking insane! If you are repulsed or think I’m being crass, think how uncomfortable it is for the victims of the crimes I’ve mentioned. Fuck you Archbishop Robert J. Carlson!…Fuck you and your shitty memory! Fuck you in your complicity with these horrible accusations!


One response to “Catholics Behold your Church”

  1. Jerome says :

    As another ex-Catholic, all I can say is… Wow! This man should be excommunicated. It’s when people like him try to cover up the actions of others, that the whole church gets a bad name.
    That said, I don’t believe the pedophilia is in any way exclusive to the Catholic church… From what I understand, pedophiles get themselves into positions where children are easily accessible. So if they can’t get to extended family members, it makes sense for them to have other positions of authority over children. That means they get into such positions in all religions, preschools, and junior schools. Sometimes they run or work in day-care centers.
    It’s when they get caught and the higher authority wherever they work is complicit to their actions that I get angry. Those people should be locked up, not just shipped off somewhere else to commit the same crimes again.
    Having said that, I think that in a way the catholic church has had a bit of a raw deal with these issues… Such pedophiles do find their way into all churches, schools and so on… You just get to hear about the pedophile Catholic priests more often because enough people are looking at that church in particular a little more closely, so they’re just in enough people’s radar to get noticed. (But this is only my subjective opinion, of course.)
    As for NAMBLA, I’d never heard of them and it shocks me that such an organization can exist. I hope nothing like that exists here where I live in South Africa.

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