Bible Project

I was somewhat inspired by the Twible which is the bible, chapter by chapter, summed up into 140 characters. The thing is I like annotations and biblical scholarship to be included. Since I’ve been thinking of rereading the bible for a while now, I figured I’d make a project out of it.

Format I am thinking of goes like this:

Title of Book

Chapter (no. of verses)


Attributed Author

Historical Context



  • data point 1
  • data point 2
  • etc…

Scholarly Annotations

TSA Annotation (what I think about it; usually highlight translation differences and such)

Misc and or Trivia


This would be a summarized version of the bible with minimal loss of information. The most important aspect would be the historical and scholarly annotations because it provides a reason as to why someone thought that writing this down was important. I will also link to the bible text through bible gateway because they have the ability to show how different translations rendered side by side. If there is anything in terms of fields that one wants to see please let me know. I’ve read the bible before, but it has been a while about 20 years. I figured it would make for a neat project, and keep me out of trouble 🙂

I will be using the Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha which is the scholarly version (New Revised Standard Version) and has taken into account dead sea scrolls and other recent discoveries. It also omits annotations made to surviving manuscripts. I will also use the KJV although not as much. The KJV English is extremely awkward. It sounds authoritative, but means next to nothing to me. I will also use the Jesus Seminar stuff because I find it fascinating, but will let you know in “Trivia” so as not to overly emphasize liberal theology.

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